Can't connect to Flashforge Creator Pro


For some reason I'm unable to connect to my FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer. I'm using Repetier Host v. 1.0.6. When I attempt to connect  nothing happens - no error, but also printer doesn't respond to any commands from Repetier Host. What can be wrong?  I tried few different Baud Rates and other settings, but it didn't help.

 If you're able to print on FlashForge Creator Pro, can you share please settings that you're using?


  • 1. Open log to see what is happening.
    2. Depnding on board you need to change "reset on connect" in printer settings. 
  • I'm trying likewise, on a Mac.  Where's that log?  I can't see a menu item to open it.
    Nothing appears in the system console (

    MacOS X 10.7.5
    Repetier Host Mac 0.56
  • On mac it is also the toggle log button in toolbar to hide/show it. This in the host windows not in any console.
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