Insert plugin

I bought the µdelta from emotion tech, they developed a plugin for the windows version of repeater (1.0 I think, it cannot be used with recent version) that I would like to know if it is possible to include it in the mac version
They weren't very helpful, just saying that they don't work with mac
All the necessary software can be found here:
including the developed plugin. It essential adds a tab with controls to easily calibrate the printer
I've been trying to look it myself in the forums, how to include a plugin, but I'm not a software guy and don't get most of the conversations
Any help/feedback is appreciated


  • No mac has no plugin support and is a completely different software (in objective c instead of C#). Sorry.
  • Thanks for clarifying it for me
    in the meantime, I just installed Virtual box and windows 7 as guest
    I'll run their repetier version like that for now

    thanks a lot
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