raspi B+ with 2 da vinci 1.0 v.92 connection issues

hey all, I'm new here but not new to 3d printing.

i have a Raspberry pi B+ running jessie lite, and repetier server 0.70.1

connected to it i have 2 da vinci 1.0 printers running repetier firmware .92 mod

the printers connect and work fine on their own, however the server sees them as the same printer.

if they both are connected it detects the one plugged in last. and operates that one. if i unplug it the server just switches to the other

only one port is detected 

ive tried loading failsafe. updating the raspi, i even wiped the sd card and installed from scratch 


  • Okay so after more troubleshooting I found out that the device path in Jessie is different, however the device id for both connected printers is the same

    Both boards are da vinci's own arduino due boards.

    Somehow I need to change the device id for one of the printers but I do not know how
  • Linux adds new devices in /dev/ttyACME0 or 1 or ttyUSB0 or 1 so there you should have 2 printers.
    We show /dev/serial/by-id preferred since the first enabled serial device normally gets ttyACME0 and the next ttyACME1 but these are not distinguishable if you have several printers. These are simple links to /dev/ttyACMEx but if but devices return same id it is hard to distinguish. You might check if ls /dev/serial/by-path shows 2 distinguishable values instead. 

    If not the last solution is to select /dev/ACME0 and /dev/ACME1 for both and you need to remember which connected first. But this is linux stuff and nothing we can influence, so I hope one of the solutions shows distinguishable  devices.
  • That worked. Thanks
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