Printer moves around top of print, then starts printing

When I load G-Code, I always see a ring (or box depending on what the shape of the object I am going to print is) around the piece I want to create, and when I dry ran the printer, The printer went up (z axis),took path around the piece I was going to dry print, then went down and started. Why does it do this, what benefit does it give me, how do I/should I disable it?

If the extruder/bed is not hot, will the printer wait until it gets hot enough to print?
The travel path the printer takes before going to the print is pretty strange (as in impossible), I dry ran a print, and it didn't follow the path (which is good). Will homing prevent an impossible travel path?


  • This all comes from your slicer and your start/end script defined there.

    The lines aroudn the import are called skirt. Reason is that after heating the nozzle you have lost filament and if you start directly no filament would come and you'd start without or with incomplete outline. SO what you normally do is enable skirt to print long enough to be sure nozzle is refilled and then start the real object. So this is a good thing.

    There are to commands ech for heating extruder/bed. One will not wait 104/140 and the one that wait M109/M190. In curaengine you have to define yourself but if you create default it will do it correctly, Slic3r adds it also correctly.

    In endscript you should use M104/M140 to disable extruder/bed explicitly.
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