Turn Off Repetier-Server Rendering

I am having trouble running Repetier-Server on the Raspberry Pi
Whenever the Repetier-Host starts a print one of the first things it does is request Repetier-Server render the model
This cause the Raspberry Pi to slow to a crawl and run out of resources to the point where it can't send print instructions fast enough to the printer causing a slow stuttering motion on the print head

Is there a way to disable Repetier-Server "Rendering"

I can only find settings to reduce quality in the "Global Settings area" not to turn it off completely

If I close the "Rendering" rendering window in Repetier-Host Repetier-Server will print flawlessly for hours on the Raspberry Pi
I don't really see the point of the server rendering the model when a host does it just fine

Can I delete a file on the server, i don't really care if i break the rendering.json


  • I renamed the file
    And it's back to being usable
  • Install server on your pc and setup connectivity in the pi server to use your pc as cloud computing server. Then your pc does all the long running jobs instead as long as it is online.

    The renderings are for the server frontend so you see what you are printing. If you upload first to models and wait until it is rendered that would also work.
  • After some thinking about it I thought the priority might be a problem. Checking my pi it shows that the server runs with priority 20 which is the lowest priority. If you set in /etc/init.d/RepetierServer the start command to

    start-stop-daemon --start --nicelevel -20 --quiet --oknodo -c $RUNASUSER:dialout --startas $DAEMON --exec $DAEMON -- $SERVER_OPTS
    it will start server with highest priority. That should give it the required time to render and print fluently.

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