RH 1.0.6 Vizualisation bug

When I use the 3D View tool box(Rotate; Move; Zoom; etc...) the 3D vizualisation disappears and I need click anything in window  Vizualization (Show complete code; Show single layer; Show layer range; etc...) for the vizu returns!

thank you for any suggestions


  • What do you mean with disappear? The bed is still there but model is invisible or you see nothing at all. Is it because it moved outside (press F5 to fit object into screen).
  • The bed is still there, only model is invisible. It's not outside. F5 has the same effect: the model seems center( the size bed change) but becomes invisible..... I incremente first layer for example...model is visible....

  • Ok, I think we are mixing things here. Incrementing first layer is only in preview mode and models like I call it are only visible in object placement and slicer tab. So I think you are refering here to the gcode preview only.

    That preview is when you switch invisible and should get updated within a few seconds after switching to that tab depending on model size. Exception is if filament visualization is disabled or the range contains no print moves, which is often the case for layer 0, so if you have single layer selected and layer 0 is empty that would be ok. If you have preview all selected is is not ok.

    So please can you clarify based on what I said?
  • Sorry, you're right, I refer the gcode preview indeed
    My english is not so good, so I made a short video:
    I choosed a light model 38ko, a cube 20X20X10
  • Ok, that is definitely not correct, also it does not happen for me on several computers. So big question is, what makes this happen. Can you enable log and see if you see any error messages there? Also which os are you using? Does not look tile W7/8 more like xp or vista i guess.
  • "enable log" is possible only when printer is connect?
    For your info I use Repetier since 0.84; 0.95; first version 1.0; even1.05 (I think remember me) and no pb with old versions.
    My OS stay and will stay XP

    And doesn't matter if I am the unique guy with this small pb!
    I appreciate your "Repetier"
  • To enable log disable easy mode and then toggle log.

    Will try with my old xp laptop if it happens there as well.
  • I'm having this problem too on RH 1.0.6. Did anyone ever reproduce it or find a solution?
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