Ditto Printing with Repetier-Host

Hello, I have a Geeetech I3 Pro C dual extruder printer. I was wondering if I can do ditto printing (two jobs simultaneously) with the help of Repetier-Host. Can you anyone advice me? If not possible with Repetier-Host, then can you please suggest me how, what software can do that? Thank you very much.


  • Ditto printing is not 2 jobs simultaneously, it is extruding the same on both extruders. This is usefull if your object is smaller then nozzle distance and you want that part several times. Ditto printing is a firmware feature so you need to compile ditto support into it and enable ditto printing before starting to print.
  • Hello, Yes, I meant that. Sorry for the confusion, I misplaced the word "two jobs". Anyway, I want to print the same job having smaller dimension than the distance between two nozzles of dual extruder, simultaneously by depositing two filaments from two nozzles at the same time. Is it possible? Could you please tell me if there is any firmware already for that? Repetier-Host asks me to choose only one of two nozzles before starting the printing.Thank you so much for your comment.
  • Repetier firmware can do. You make gcode just for one extruder. Send

    M280 S<mode> - Set ditto printing mode. mode: 0 = off, 1 = 1 extra extruder, 2 = 2 extra extruder, 3 = 3 extra extruders

    And then firmware takes care of everything. So if you heat extruder 1 it will do for extruder 2 the same. If you extruder extruder 1 it will extrude extruder 2. That's what the ditto mode does. All you have to do is select the checkbox for ditto printing in the config tool.

  • Hello, many thanks for your comment. I have tried to configure Repetier-Firmware from here. So many information I had to put togather and I am not confident if I did correctly or not. Once I uploaded that firmware to my printer, it simply is not doing anything even though I am trying to manually control it using Repetier-Host. By the way, I am using Geeetech Pro C Dual extruder system using GT2560 Ultimaker board. The firmware from Geeetech doesn't support ditto printing, so this is why I eagerly want to use Repetier-Firmware. Sorry, if it means too much help to you, but I am you probably could spend some time to generate a Repetier-Firmware for me with ditto printing enabled. I obviously can provide details about the printer but just a quick note, the original firmware which is currently being used in my system can be downloaded from here. Like this: this is the firmware for my printer
    5) I3 pro C

    I3 pro C (GT2560)

    Could you please have some time to check the current configuration and then configure a new Repetier-Firmware for my printer? Thank you so much for your time and efforts.

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