Have to home after each manual adjustment

When I manually move the x/y motors (I usually don't mess with z), I have to rehome so that what I consider 0 (the corner of the bed) is 0. If I don't, then I think Repetier considers the end stops to be 0. It's almost as if Repetier just ignores the previous home.
Is there any way to fix this?
Will this affect the print?
Thanks for any answers


  • bed corner is not necessary 0. Homing goes to endstop and that is 0. You can configurerepetier-firmware to go right after endstop is hit (back on home) so that it matches. But you have to tell firmware to do so. Only then it has no effect on print.
  • Are manual controls and prints just one task/job? Because if so, wouldn't i be able to use the corner as 0?
  • In the dimenstions tab, will setting home x/y/z/ to 0 instead of min help?
  • It is the firmware you have to convince where 0,0,0 is. Then you tell host what firmware thinks so it matches visually. But in the end firmware says where what will be printed.
  • Ok, I see, I might not feel like messing with the firmware so I guess i'll just move it to 0,0 manually, but if I do, how would I change it in the firmware? If the firmware came preinstalled, do I need to install a boot loader? In the dimensions tab, would I have to change the minimum to 20 to account for the space between 0 and the bed?
  • What I mean by changing the firmware is how do I get the firmware not to move the x and y to the corner of the bed after it presses the end stop.
  • And also, could I move the  x and y to 0,0 manually? I'm still figuring out Repetier
  • What's strange is that on the LCD I have, it displays the corner of the bed as 0,0
  • But then sometimes it displays the corner of the bed as 10, 35...
    Also I cannot upload anything to my printer, I get an error message: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x49
  • Looks like the vendor has alreadysolved this by setting homing position to negative coordinate. So do homing and send
    to get the position from firmware. Will be something negative. Enter in host dimension xmin the negative value and bed offset the difference to 0. Then it show it correctly in host. With your setup host assumes x=0 after homing but apperently it is negative.

    avrdude sometimes fails, but if it came preloaded from vendor it might be that vendor did remove bootloader to prevent uploads, also that would make updating firmware a bit difficult. So hard to say. avrdude also fails with wrong settings not matching your printer board.
  • By homing, do you mean the moving to the x and y and stops or just pressing the home all button (home all results in the pressing of the end stops, then moving to the corner of the bed. How do I send a M114? How do I set the bed offset difference to 0? Will removing the reset jumper help the upload?
    Sorry for my incompetence lol
  • What I don't understand is, is the LCD UI displaying the firmware or the host, because sometimes it is displaying 0,0, other times it is displaying 35,10. I can home all with the UI. I am not sure how host homing, UI homing, and the set home affects the dimension (doesn't set home set dimensions to 0,0?).
  • Ignore the last two posts, when I home, it goes to the edge of the board which is 0,0 (M114) imageThe endstops are at -35, and -10. I have x min set as -35, y min set as -10, and bed front and bed left set to 0. Suppose I move x 100mm to the right, repetier firmware says it is at 65 (-35+100), repetier host says it is at 100 (0+100) even though the firmware is correct. Sometimes, it is not the case if I type M114 before I move the x or y. I guess I could live with that, but it is kind of strange.
  • Clarifying the last post, If I home and don't type M114, then pressing the move 100 x axis results in the extruder moving from -35 to 65, and repetier host saying its at 100. If I do type M114, then pressing the move 100 along the x axis results in moving 100 mm from 0 (what I want it to do) and the repetier host and firmware is correct. Any comments/suggestions?

    If I cannot connect to my board, I guess its fine because the firmware came pre-calibrated 
  • Could it be that the extruder moves to the corner of the bed that messes up the dimension? I still can't get this fixed.
  • Well, I found one solution, just home x and y once, then I can screw around with the manual controls. If the firmware moves the extruder head out of the way to protect it and it screws up the position, type M114. Best solution I came up with for now.
  • A bit confusing all your descriptions. So to make it clear
    home = sending G28 = pressing the home all button in manual control. This then shows what host thinks is homing position. Also check log. Newer repetier-firmware send a M114 response at the end and host will copy that when not printing.

    M114 shows the coordinates the firmware thinks it has and host copies them to it's view assuming it is more correct. That is why it always matches after M114.

    So the main question is where firmware stops at homing and from what I hear is at -35 as you then move to 0,0. So setting left in host -35 would be correct but that is where I got a bit confused. At least you now know how it works and you know better then me what your printer really does.
  • Basically the rest was describing what happens if I don't home x any y before any job. After I home all, I need to home x and y again.
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