Help selecting a sensor for auto bed leveling

So I want to install auto bed leveling on my mendelmax 2.0. I have 2 questions:

1. What type of sensor would you suggest? I am printing on glass so I'm considering either a capacitive NPN sensor (in order to avoid having to reduce the output voltage) or the PiBot optical sensor. Anyone have any impressions with these solutions?

2. Currently I am using Repetier Host 0.91. The auto bed leveling section of the documentation states however that there have been bugs and that 0.92 is recommended. On the other end, 0.92 is not declared stable yet. I am using a Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4. So which version am I supposed to use?



  • 1. don't have any of them, so no suggestion here.
    2. 0.92 is in master tree and is stable. It is also the only one in development where we fix bugs. So in general it has less bugs, but on a update it might have a modification.
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