Uploaded G-Codes "dissapear"


I'm using the latest Repetier Server (running on a pi) and latest Repetier Host.
From yesturday on, the uploaded g-code-Files - generated from Repetier Host - do not appear on the Server.
If I choose the server-tab within Repetier Host I can't see any file at all.
Even If I upload the g-code-File manually using the webfrontend I can't see any files.
I have enough free diskspace.
Did anybody experience the same problem?
Where are the uploaded Files stored on the pi?

best regards,


  • Models are stored in 

    /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/<printer slug>/models/

    older versions had problems with corrupt files there. If you have latest version 0.70.1 and it still does not show, please zip that folder for me so I can test why that folder makes a problem. 

    As a reprair delete all files there and restart server. That should get it working again. Of course if you see the file that makes trouble deleting only that also should work.

  • Hi repetier,

    thanks, deleting the directory worked for me.
    I am using latest Server Version.
    I'll send you the zipped files.

  • At a first look i would guess that the file with the space in the name is causing the problem. Spaces always need extra attension and if it is somewhere missing or we do not unescape the quotes we are in trouble. Will see if I find out if that is correct and where it occurs.
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