Basic question on Host-Server relationship

Hello all,
My first question here and a noob to 3D printing. 
I have install the server on a Raspberry PI I have mounted to the printer and I can access it via web browser. All sees to work great. 

My question is if the web browser is the only way to access it now? I run Host on my laptop and can connect via USB cable and Host can control all functions of the printer. With the server installed I now have to slice my files and save to my hard drive then upload them to the server with a web browser. Am I supposed to be able to control the printer via a direct Host-server linkage? Am I missing something? Seems like basic functionality so I must have it set up incorrectly.



  • You are missing the repetier-server connector. Go to printer settings->connection. The first dropdown say serial connection. Change that in server connection. Hit the help button to the right for detailed information about the setup. Requires Repetier-Host 1.6.1 to work as I said.
  • Thank you for the quick response. That seems to make sense. I will try later today when I am home.

    I had imagined I was just missing a configuration step.

  • That was it. Works like a charm now. 
    Appreciate the help

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