Timelapse Enconding on another machine?


I have Repetier Server on a Pi and would like to take some timelapses of work. However I only have a Pi B so don't want it wasting resources encoding video. I have R-Server on my Windows machine, is it possible to tell the Pi to take the pictures and then have the windows machine render it when it is next turned on? I noticed that in connectivity on the Pi's printer settings it lists the PC as Repetier Renderer and Video Encoder. I am able to view the video of the webcam on the Pi but don't really want to install FFMPEG on it, but without a renderer it says the conversion won't happen.



  • Yes it is possible. But the Pi still acts as fallbackif the windows server is not reachable so you still need to set it up. Then when it is time to make the video and windows server is set up for ffmpeg and online and configures so it appears in Connectivity with it's services it will always try windows first and only if not possible use the pi.
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