Repetier Stops driving extruder and heat bed mid-print

I'm using Repetier 1.6 on Windows 7 machine. I've had this problem randomly crop up with older versions of Repetier.

I can tell from the "Temperature Curve" graph that the extruder (and/or heat bed) is no longer being driven shortly after a print starts. Once this happens the results are very consistent. I haven't yet pin-pointed the fix, but seems to be if I make some minor changes to scaling, or print speed and re-slice (using Cura) then the problem goes away. 

So, right now I'm leaning towards the problem being in the G-Code and maybe Cura did a bad slice. Is this a common thing that others are experiencing?


  • CuraEngine sets temperatures at start and never changes them until end.

    What firmware are you using and what does the log say? This pattern typically happens if heater decoupling is configured bad for your printer and detects a false decoupling. That would disable all heaters for security.
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