Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

i recently installed a fabrikator mini 3d printer at my home, configured it with the user guide that came with the printer, and was able to print over 10 times, but then i had to move the printer so i unplugged it, but when i plugged it back in it seems as though my computer cannot connect to the printer at all. ive tried unplugging everything, reinstalling everything, but no luck. no matter what i try, as soon as i click connect on the repetier program and go to the manual control tab, it will say (x) commands waiting. help please


  • Are you still using the same computer or a different one? Just moving to an othe rplace should not make a difference. A new one could have different baud rate set or having repetier-server configured to connect, so you would need to use the server connector instead of serial connector.
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