printer will not start

hi all,
I have installed the host and loaded a stl, sliced, it came back, with good results, but when i press print... nothing,
the printer does not start to warm up?



  • Does it do anything in the gcode?

    Do manual commands work? If not, your printer is not connected correctly, maybe wrong baud rate.
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    yes it shows the slicing operation,
    i cannot do any manual commands,  before starting the print, i click on move buttons in Manual and they do indicate color change? and above i see the text with 10-11-12 commands waiting?
    in marlin i have it set at 250000

    When i first connect the LCD on the printer resets as it does with marlin, so it must be connecting?

    the only Baud rate i see is for bluetooth

    #define BLUETOOTH_BAUD  250000

    is there possibly a config h that i can use from someone who has a reprap/ramps atmega setup?

    this configuration i did on the site has lots of reference to delta? even though i did not select it?
    btw how do i attach pics for reference? 

    insert image do not work for picture from pc

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