Access to time lapse image files

Hello to the forum!
I´m relatively new to repetier server ( and linux too). So please be patient with me :-)
I just installed the repetier server on a raspberry Pi2. Thanks to the good instructions and tutorials everything works fine and looks great! I have attached a touchpanel and a webcam for printer control. Both are doing their job!
On the machine there is also samba running which I´m using for data exchange to the Windows world. Now I want to access the image files of the pi´s webcam over the network via samba.
As I read in the manuals the image files are in:
/var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/<printername>/timelapse/<folder with the images>
I can access these and copy them to an shared samba exchange folder from an ssh terminal, but that´s not very convenient. Is there possibility to add this folder to the share definitions of samba?
I tried out something like this in smb.conf:

comment = HadronPro 3D-Printer Data
path = /var/lib/RepetierServer/printer/HadronPro
writeable = yes
guest ok = no

But without success. The share is not accessible over the network. No permissions?!?
Perhaps it is a more linux-related question.  Nevertheless: Any ideas regarding this? How can I share /var/lib/RepetierServer/printer/HadronPro to the windows world?
Thanks and regards


  • I havenn't played with samba for years, so I not say how to do the configuration but you need to set the user to repetierserver to be able to read/write the folders. There is some force-user attribute that forces the right user if set. Then make it accissible for your user as repetierserver has no login permission. It is just that the daemon runs with that user id.

    Alternative you surely know that you can download the timelapse folder as zip directly from the web frontend?
  • Thanks Repetier for the quick answer!

    I´ll give your suggestion a trial!
    Of course I know how to download the pictures over web interface. But it makes no sense to me, first to pack the images on the (relatively slow) Raspberry Pi and then extract them again on the windows side.

  • [solved]
    I found out the solution (it is samba related not repetierserver related :-)):
    You have to modify the smb.comf as described above and add the new user "repetierserver" to the samba password database:
    pi@hadron: ~ $ sudo smbpasswd -a repetierserver
    New SMB password:
    Retype new SMB password:
    Added user repetierserver

    Now you can access the files in /var/lib/RepetierServer/printer/HadronPro, ehich contain the image files either.
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