Running Repetier Server v0.70.1 on Raspberry Pi running Raspian Jesse and the newest version of ffmpeg.  I have successfully gotten the camera to stream on port 8080.  However, I cannot view it in Repetier Server.  Is this because server is on port 3344?  Am I missing something else?

Thank you.


  • You need to go to prinetr configuration and enable webcam and also define the 2 urls for static and dynamic images. This is not the website you use with 8080 but the url of the still image/motion jpg. You can try right click on the image and select open image in new tab to see the correct url of the pure image. Only with the url of the pure image it will work.

    I was sure I had done that already, but decided to check based on your comment.  I had indeed set it up, however I had a typo in the paths.  Fixed that, and it works like a champ!!

    Thank you.
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