Repetier host not working on new computer

I just got a new computer and transferred everything with windows transfer tool from my old computer (the computer I originally installed repetier host on when I got my Solidoodle 4) to the new one. I made sure my start code was the same from my old set up, but after starting a print on the new computer the printer goes through a completely different start procedure, then goes to the middle of the print bed and stops without starting the print.  After killing the print, the printer will not respond to manual controls.  Using the old computer the printer works fine, but even if I slice a file on the old computer, save the gcode and use it on the new computer, it still does the weird start procedure and stops before printing anything, etc. What could be causing this? I've combed every setting in repetier host and it seems identical to my old computer.


  • Sounds strange and I can not say what the cause it. Are you printing directly or over the server? In that case the difference may be the server not being copied 100% correct. You could also check the log and see if the commands send match the actions you see as your description implies that there is a difference. Or it may be that you need a active usb hub for the printer to work properly on the new one. I have head about cases where it helped holding the line because the new computer did not deliver enough power to keep printer stable.
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