Slic3er slicing below bed.

Whenever i try to slice an .stl file slic3r slices it 3 layers below the surface of the printbed, i have no idea why this is happening , i looked up the G-code and there is a line which commands the slic3r to start printing at -0.6 mm i dont know how this came to be, i have included a snapshot of what im facing for better clarity, please help! image


  • In slic3r -> Printer settings is a variable z offset that could be the reason.
  • actually it was, the most stupid thing there was that even though i made the changes in slic3r, i didnt SELECT the changes setting profile in the slicer tab in the Repitier host, which is why i wasnt able to see the effect, most silly, but can happen to anybody, thanks tho repitier! :D
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