Pi Very Slow browser Rep Server

Hi All,
 Im running Repetier Server 70.1 on a Raspberry Pi2 B Debian, But its so slow anything i click takes 8 seconds to open.
I would also like to get it running on a 7 inch touch screen Armadillo but seems like the GUI uses too much ram on these things.

Is there a way to optimise the system to just run the server faster?



  • The pi will never we as fast as your handy, but it normally is faster then 8 seconds. We use it in kiosk mode like described here:

    This uses the smallest x server and no other x programs that use memory/cpu time. You can now use kweb3 which seems stable enough and should be faster then kweb.

    One trick is of course to use the special printer frontend and not the normal frontend which is much to heavy for a small pi to run.
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