Slicer Not Retracting

I am having some weird behaviour on CURA with 1.6.0. The retraction enable is checked but the output gcode will not output any retractions at all. I reinstalled the software and used the default profile and it started outputting retractions again.
After one day the retractions are missing again from the gcode.

Retraction distance is 1.0mm 
Speed is 40mm/s
Minimum travel is 1.5mm
And Minimum Extrusion before retract is 0.02

The only retraction it will do is during the move on the skirt around the part, after that it is missing on all layers and moves.

Any insight would be nice!


  • Retraction enabled?
    G Cod eflavour on Marlin/Repetier?
    Retraction distances set?
  • I am having the same issue with Slic3r embedded in Repetier.. I set retraction 4mm in slicer but there is no retraction gcode when I take a look in the G-Code editor.

    Do I need to enable autoretract conversion? because I also see no G10/11 commands in the G-code..
    Here are my EEPROM settings.. maybe these are messing with me?

    Own design Delta Printer
    Repetier-Host V1.6.1
    Repetier Firmware 0.92
    Slic3r V1.2.9
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    Same problem here Absolutely no retraction in the gcode made by curaengine.
    Linux Mint 18 64bit - Repetier host 1.6.2 - Curaengine - Rostock mini

    Parts are perfect except were getting a bead up the sides of part where it changes from one layer to the next. The plan was to try to solve this with retraction, but whatever we try with the settings on curaengine we get no retraction.

    Repetier said:
    Retraction enabled?
    G Cod eflavour on Marlin/Repetier?
    Retraction distances set?
    Yes in Curaengine settings
    Yes in Curaengine settings
    yes 5mm

    Any ideas would be a great help.

  • AleXileD what you showed is firmware eeprom. These values are only used if you generate G10/G11. In all other cases the slicer should insert the retraction moves.

    With curaengine make sure minimum travel before retract and minimum extrusion before retract have good values. High values will prevent retraction even if enabled!

    If you think slicer has retraction abled, analyse the gcode in gcode editor. It is easy to spot where retractions should occur and if they are in the gcode or not.
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