no start signal detected - forcing start

I've uploaded new firmware to the Arduino 2560 r3 board. Wen I open the Repetier host soft I get the info "no start signal detected - forcing start".
I am a new guy, meaning that I don't know a lot. The printer is a Kossel XL and the firmware is also Repetier that I configured with the configuration tool.


  • With the original mega board this is normally just a wrong baud rate set. On reset the firmware sends "start" to host and this was not received, which is what the message says. Tyoical reason is a wrong baud rate or you selected the wrong com port if you had more then one. Normally baud rate is 115200 or 250000. The baud rate from first upload is the one you need. Later changes are ignored as it comes from eeprom after first upload.
  • Ok, thanks. The communication from host towards printer and back are fine now.
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