Server connection at stop print

I'm having a connection problem when stopping impressions. If I stop print, the server lost connection and I haver to stop and start the server to connect again. What can I do to solve this problem? 


  • You mean you loose connection to printer, not webfrontend right? You always can activate/deactivate printer from frontend to trigger a reconnect like restarting server does. Question is more why does the firmware/printer get problems. I guess one of the commands at the end cause a problem causing the connection problem. Often it are commands like disabling heater/extruder as they cause big current changes. Might also be a different thing, so I suggest checking log which commands were send at end and then try the commands one at a time to see what causes the connection loss. Maybe tehre is also a message in the log.
  • I lost connection with the frontend. I try whit diferent printer and diferente firmwares. I try too with virtual printer a the problem is the same. I can see this when I stop print in the log
    error: Failed to remove finished job C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\voladora\jobs\00000002_TAPA D60980-2-SP-01.g, reason:boost::filesystem::remove: El proceso no tiene acceso al archivo porque está siendo utilizado por otro proceso: "C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\voladora\jobs\00000002_TAPA D60980-2-SP-01.g"
  • I've got the same problem with 0.70.1. When I stop a job, the connection with the frontend is lost. I need to kill the service.
  • Ok, I found why the file could not be deleted on windows. While testing I could recreate that problem, but it did not make the server frontend disconnect or unresponsive, so that is not the cause for that problem. The delete issue will be fixed in next release.

    When the frontend is not responding,

    - does reloading help anyhow? If you open the debug console, would there be any files in network tab that get loaded?
    - Is the server still running?
    - If yes, does it draw CPU
    - Are you capturing a video while printing?
    - Any other messages in log around disconnect time?

    I ask, because you might have found a deadlock that blocks some parts causing the disconnection or you might have crashed the complete server. In both cases there is still the problem, that I'm not able to replay the error. Especially the dead locks are often time critical. A faster/slower computer might never see them.
  • I add a picture that I see in my browser. To connect again I have to stop REpetier server an Start again. Is I am not capturing video image
  • This is the image you get if the websocket is not responding.

    Open question is still is the server then crashed or just not responding and of course why. If you check in task manager->services/background processes do you see the server as started or stopped? If stopped maybe the windows events contain a message.

    An other thing we should do is finding the reason why this does not happen at my windows. So what windows version are you using?
  • When I stop print the service is started and never stop. I probe with windows 7 and windows 10 with the same results
  • I Probe the previus version of repetier server in this computer and it works good. And I probe the latest version under linux and it works good?

    Whta can I do?

  • Maybe it is related to the delete problem we already found. These things behave sometimes differently due to multithreading, so that fact that it does not block my computer does not mean it happens not to your. We are working on the next release coming soon where the delete bug is fixed and I hope your hang then as well.
  • Now this is systematic. I cannot connect anymore to the frontend, I always have the message "connection lost". The server works anyway, it prints... then it stops in the middle of the print. A nightmare... I stop using it for now, I will try the next version. Great software anyway. The UI is amazing.
  • Please note I'm using Windows XP. I'll try with another PC with Windows 10 later.
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