extrusion stops around layer 52

Not sure that this post belongs here but ....  I have been having extrusion problems where the object warps or comes loose from the bed.  I found that this problem for me was caused by a sudden but unexplainable drop in bed temperature.  After combing through the repetier logs I noticed that slicr3 was turning on the bed/object fan and varying speeds and at varying times within the print.  By disabling this behavior in slicr I was able to get beyound this problem.  My current problem is that at ~layer 52 the extruder motor continues to run (I put an index mark on the shaft) and the print continues but there is no filament being extruded.  Could this be caused by a too hot an hot-end such that the gear is slipping on soft filament and can't get a bite to push it out?    I have the hot-end set for 230 for ABS which is what I am using.  I can't figure out what is causing this behavior.  An assist would be most appreciated.  


  • With time hotends get hotter and heat creeps up depending on cooling of the hot end. This can increase friction to push it through until it blocks depending on how far it creeps and how good the extruder bites. Especially full meta extruders have this problem and as solution have a cooler for cooling the extruder part to cool it preventing heat creeping up. Of course less temperature would also limit the effect but also could make printing harder. So question is if there is a balance point that works for your extruder/hotend/filament combination for a complete print. After all 230°C for ABS is not that much but it also depends on the ABS you use.
  • I have corrected this problem.  The cause was a weak/undersized extruder spring.  I was not providing enough "pinch" between the gear and the guide roller.  I used a longer adjustment screw which allowed me to provide additional turns thereby exerting more pinch on the lever.  
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