noob question: setting up the ultimaker 2 with slic3r

hi there,

i just got a ultimaker 2 of a friend to play around with... so i try not to break it!

i tried cura, but i kind of sucks.. especially i got big problems with supportmaterial, it does not really put it where i want it...

anyway i'm kind of confused with slic3r, i can slice it pretty nicley, but i don't know how to get the g-code out of it the right way...
i have to add the start g-code and the end-g-code... but i have no clue where to get it...

i searched the net, but could not find a tut for setting up the ultimaker 2 with slic3r?


is there a library of printers? i mean can i download it somewhere? or would be somebody so nice an share it with me...

in the printer settings: 
bedshape: 230x230 
Orign: 0x0?
extruder: 1
host: empty

Fireware: RepRap(Marlin/Sprinter/...) (this is right for the ulitmaker?

where do i tell the height?

sorry for this stupid questions, but cura sucks and i'm very new to this topics... but i'm kind of scared braking the machine, with wrong setup? or is this more or less "impossible"

thanks a lot!


  • Start/end script are for special commands you want executed e.g.
    to home before printing. I think Slic3r adds extruder/home/bed heater commands anyway. In end script you might set a favourite parking position after print e.g. 
    G1 X0 Y0 F12000
    to get nozzle off printer.

    Printer dimension sshould be known or from Ultimaker website, Origin 0,0 is correct I think.
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