repetier log file format/syntax

I have been experiencing thermal runaway protection while using repetier.  In my log is the following entry:

ok T:230.1 /230.0 B:67.9 /70.0 T0:230.1 /230.0 @:99 B@:127

I believe the format/syntax is T (extruder) target temp/current temp and B (bed) target temp/current temp.  but what is "T0" and what is: 
@:99 B@:127

If my assumptions are wrong can you provide the correct syntax for the above entry.  tia


  • This is just a Marlin temperature request answer
    T = current temp
    T0 = Temperature of extruder 0 (important for dual extrusion)
    @ = output power with 127 = max for marlin
    / = Target temperature

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