I like the Repeater software and i am using a mac.
But i like it also to work in my own language (german)
On ren repeater website there is some information to make you own language file by using the en.xml file but i can't find the file.
How can a made such a file?


  • The mac version is not translatable. If it is, you will see it at the german language we would provide:-)
  • Can I contribuit to translate Repetier in mac??

  • Thanks, but no, it is not translateable at the moment.
  • Hum.... Ups.... I working on that,I am editing the MainMenu.nib :)
  • I know that is possible, but that makes managing the app difficult as I would have to change all translated nibs when I change something. I never liked this way. I much more prefer translatable string tables like I did it for the windows host.

    Beside this, the current sources are not open any more, so translating becomes more difficult. Anyhow, you can do this for your personal version if you like.
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