How hard would it be to run repetier server on a C.H.I.P. computer?

I recently purchased a C.H.I.P. computer and am looking for a purpose.
I have a 3D printer that could use a server.
I'd like to use the C.H.I.P. as the server.

My question is what is entailed with setting it up as a server? I have a Rambo board right now and typically just print off of an SD card directly. How does the raspberry pi setup connect to the board? Do I need any special connections? Ideally, I'd be able to watch it as well using a webcam.

Sorry that this is noob but I am a noob at server stuff.


  • No idea what a C.H.I.P. computer is.

    A raspberry Pi 2 would be connected with usb to Rambo board. On the Pi you can connect a webcam if wanted/needed as well. The pi has ethernet for web access or you add a WLAN stick for wireless access.
  • I'm curious about this as well.  I have it running on a Raspberry Pi 2.  In the past I had it running on an old Dell laptop running Ubuntu linux.

    From what I understand, CHIP uses a modified version of Debian.  I see no reason why you couldn't install and run Repetier Server on the machine.  I'm just curious about the performance and reliability.  

    If you do get it to work, please share your experience.  I'm considering getting a CHIP myself.
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