Connect causes crash every time

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Trying to find an answer for this problem.  I have a ROSTOCK Max V2 and it works great when connected to my Mac OS X running MatterControl.  I installed Repetier Host on my Ubuntu 14.0.4 system and upgraded Mono to the latest version (3.5.8 I believe) and every time I click connect, it crashes.  I have unplugged and re-plugged the ROSTOCK into the computer so I'm pretty sure I've identified the right serial port.  I tried multiple BAUD rates, from 250000 to 9600, which I read on other forums could be the problem.  I set up everything else per the RepRap article on connecting ROSTOCK Max V2 to Repetier Host.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Where I can I see the log files to look for anything there?  Thanks!


  • You should start the host from a terminal instead. repetierHost should do. Then you see the crash message in the terminal that should give some hints on what is wrong. Maybe no permission to access serial?
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    I've had this issue many times as well. If you've every set to use server then go back to serial it'll do ti every time. You have to manually set the com port number
  • If you start from command line you see the error report on a crash.
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