"Load Config Bundle..." option on Mac?

Hello all!

I recently got a FolgerTech 2020 i3 Prusa. I'm going through the configuration instructions, and I'm having a problem with Step 6 Part 2. The instructions are based on Windows, and they don't cover any of the differences with Mac.

Step 6 Part 2 says to click "File > Load Config Bundle..." I noticed that there are 2 menu options: "Load Config..." and "Load Config Bundle..." I'm not sure how these two options are different.

On the version of slic3r that comes with Repetier-Host Mac, the correct option is not in the menu, as you can see in this screenshot:

I tried adding the provided config bundle via the "Load Config..." option. That crashes the program and logs the error "<Slic3r> Unreadable configuration file (invalid data at line 3)." Line 3 is the beginning of the content.

Is there an alternative to "Load Config Bundle..." that I can use for Repeiter-Host Mac?

Many thanks!


  • Bundles are quite new and not supported by the old slic3r version. Use a recent slic3r version for slicing instead if you want to import bundles.
  • I'm using Repeiter-Host Mac Version 0.56 (53) Is that not the most recent?
  • Yes, but it is not developed any more so included slic3r is quite old. So you can use slicer stand alone to slice and host to check/send gcode to printer.
  • Okay, thanks for the info!
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