Configuration in Repetier Host

Hi repetier guys
I really love your host program and I am using it constantly. I built from scratch a RostockDelta and for now a UM2 clone so when this one is finished I can overhaule my noisy Delta, after that I'll build a second UM2 with a Diamond head.(extruded aluminium)
But, there is always a BUT, what I would like to have in Repetier Host is a configuration that is connected to the filament. So when I select PLA type xx than the temperature settings will follow this choice, same for when I select ABS temp will follow.
At the moment , as far as I can see the temp is connected to the printertype which is not the the best way IMHO.
I might have overlooked some settings and, I am sorry in advance but please would you take this in considderation.
Basicly I would like to have a configuration based on filament and not based on printertype

Best regards


  • What has filament to do with printer configuration? Ok we have some default temperatures, but for printing you run  gcode and tehrefore you select filament type with correctly set temperatures.
  • Thank you for your comment
  • @EdV - In my RH I have the option under the slicer tab of Filament Settings - Extruder 1 (I only have one extruder)
    For Slic3r  or CuraEngine - I just set up a configuration of temperature and/or cooling rate and just named it  "PLA_Yellow_195 or ABS_Black_240" or whatever and make sure I select that before I slice the item.
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