Filament Meter

So new cartridge is 600 grams = 240 meters of filament.  I went in Repetier and looked under eeprom configuration of the da vinci 1.0. It told me filament printed 61.5 m. I was thinking about this because I personally want to make sure I have enough filament to print out the rest of my project enclosure case. 

It could either be on the gui or status bar saying (X of 240 filament remaining.) Or you can always do a percentage value 200 / 240 * 100. Each time a finsihed print is completed it deducts from how much filament used against the 240 meter of filament. 

So as for now I printed 61 m. 179 m / 240 m * 100.0 = 74.58% remaining. 

I;n getting pretty tired so if anything seems repetitive or mis-typed or miscalculated I blame my sleepy eyes. However though, the filament meter or indicator should be at least cool to implement,  
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