Server running but unable to control

Hi there, I'm new to this community, I've managed to install Repetier Server into my Raspberry Pi 2 and able to see it on my Web page. But I'm unable to control or print it. The functions are OK, just couldn't manual control or to make it print.

I'm using a Rapide3d lite 100xl printer (works with repetier host)

My printer is those USB->Serial type
Running at 115200 baud rate

What's seems to be the problem?


  • Communication is not working correct. It is very important to set right firmware type. Repetier will select binary protocol and if you then happen to have marlin nothing will happen. Also wrong port/baudrate would be a problem.

    If you see icon going green it should work. Go to console and send M115 and see if you get an answer. If yes you should be able to print.
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