Trouble Homing Z-axis

I am having enormous trouble trying to home my Z-Axis for the Prusa i3 that i am building, I am enclosing a video of my problem for better clarity, for a textual description, i can home my X and Y axis normally, but when i try to Home my Z axis, the axis only moves from about a few millimeters and the steppers create a loud grinding noise and refuse to move, I am unable to assess why this is happening, any help would be much appreciated. thanks :)


  • UPDATE: 

    Issue was fixed by reading other similar problems on this forum.

    The solution is this :

    1) Go to Configuration.h tab in Marlin.
    2) Look for #define HOMING_FEEDRATE {50*60, 50*60, 4*60, 0} under Movement Settings
    3) The values are for X,Y,Z and E respectively
    4) The value for Z is quite high, change it to 2 or 3, ive changed mine to 2
    5) line now reads #define HOMING_FEEDRATE {50*60, 50*60, 2*60, 0}
    6) If this doesnt solve issue, consider adjusting trimpot on A4998 stepper driver until issue is resolved.

    hope this helps :)
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