Approach To: Speed Up Manual Control 3D View...


Congrats on an excellent and highly functional piece of software.  However, the 3D view is often not good during building an object.  The problem seems to stem from the fact that the openGL render is of the entire object.  Usually, it would not be used because it slows the build - even when visual quality has been reduced.

An optimisation would be to draw the layer-stack (up to the current point minus - say 2 layers) into a background bitmap.  Then the openGL render can be made to a foreground bitmap.  This would keep the speed high during the entire build and would not degrade appreciably with object complexity or build height. 

The overhead would reduce from:
1) an object full render per path
2) a 2-layer render per path + a full object render per layer

Just my tuppenceworth.
Keep up the good work!

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