Homing the extruder

[I am certain that this must have been already asked, but I could not find it. If you know of an answer, please direct me.]
When I run Repetier, the "Placement" section correctly positions an object with the origin in the middle of the bed, but when I slice it the origin moves to a corner of the bed. How do I get the slicer to use an origin in the middle of the bed?


  • Normally host and slicer have same position as the host tells the slicer about wanted offsets.

    To get the origin in th emiddle of the bed you need quite some tricks. First your firmware must think so. It does not help having host have it in the middle if your printer has not, and normally only deltas have it in the center, others on left front.

    Then tell host about the shift. Where you see the origin as a big circle, so it is easy to see if your settings are ok. Slicer should that match and for completeless you could define bed size and origin in slicer. I hope this doe snot confuse coordinate shift between host/slicer.
  • Same problem here. I can center the part on the table using Repetier, when I slice it, it moves back to 0,0 (home) position. I tried modifing some of the settings, nothing has worked yet.
  • Is the correct slic3r version set in slicer manager? Over time some parameter have changed and if then slic3r does autocenter positions are lost.
  • I set the 0,0 position in the center of the bed. Printer now homes the head in the center. Everything working fine now. Thanks for the help. 
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