Slicers profile synchronization

It would be great if you can make Cura Engine Printing and Filament profile synchronization via Repetier Server.
That way all Repetier Hosts connected to Repetier Server would have same slicing profiles.

I know that Cloud Slicing is ultimate solution for this issue (I am working right now to make PHP Cloud Cura Slicer) but until then clients profile sync would solve profile inconsistency issue.


  • Server gets it's own slicer and these settings are stored in server config. So then all hosts will use the same server slicer settings, but only if using the server slicer.
  • I have read that you have made some sort of Server Slicer, but I did not find a way to use it.
    How can we use Server Slicer? Which one it is (Cura?)? How its profiles can be configured?

    Server Slicer is one solution, it is better then Slicer on Clients. But if it is not ready, maybe Clients Slicer profile synchronization is easier to implement. They would synchronize its profile files over Repetier Server.
  • I'm working on the slicer, so there is currently nothing to find:-(
  • Great job with 0.75.
    Is there any news about Cloud slicing ?
    AstroPrint offers free server and slicing already witch may take off some of your loyal users.
    I like Repetier Server much more because of its extended functionality and flexibility, but I am missing cloud slicing for a long time.
    Is there anything I can help with to get such feature faster ?
  • Local cloud slicing comes as soon as the server supports slicing.
    Currently there is nothing you can do to speed it up.
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