Can't view gcode files saved on server

After updating to 0.70, I am no longer able to view stored gcode files on the server for one of two printers (We'll call it printer #1). I can however view the stored files for printer #2

The files are missing when connected via RH as well as in browser. When I try to re-save a file in RH, i get the message "Will overwrite existing file!" which means the file has to be there, I just can't see them.

I have reset the printer as well as the RPi running R-Server. I have also updated to 0.71. I'm not sure what else could be causing the problem, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


  • Ok, that is strange. SO you have one file that disturbs the normal handling. Would be interesting to see what it is.

    The files are stored in the storagedirectory/printer/<slug name>/models

    Files with same name belong together. As you see there are the 3d previews and also a precomputed view. Please make a screenshot of all files, maybe I see what disturbs the server so I can fix it. Then you can delete all files there and restart server. Then it should be as new installation and work again.
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