My K8200 printer communicate with Repetier 1,03 via PC (WIN Vista). I can set the XYZ to zero with out a problem. I can open heaters for table and extruder and fan. But when I try to print something it heats up the bed and extruder and lost the communication with printer. I have tried Repetier 0.84 (didn't even open with Vista), work with 0.90 same, 0.95 same, 1.03 same. I don't know what to do.
Please help.


  • If you loose connection when heater turn on, especially heated bed which consumes the most, it is normally the PSU that causes the problems. Power goes down when you turn heater on and then you get brown outs or what ever is the problem breaking the usb connection. An other problem could also be crosstalk with extruder or bed lines causing the problems. In any case it related to electrical problems. You can remove the heater connections it self and then you see that there will be no connection loss. Then you can try and reconnect one by one until you get the problems. Maybe it is only the bed if it draws too much current. Check the resistance. Especially the MKII beds vary great in resistance.
  • Hi Thank you very much for your answer. I found my solution. The USB cable was too long. So when I change it working fine.
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