Can't install Repetier-Host

When attempting an installation of Repetier-Host, for some reason it wants to go online to download additional files (even though I don't have the skinforge checkbox checked) and then the installation fails telling me that it cannot connect when it's trying to get "RepetierServerLatest.exe". I downloaded the Server software separately and installed that without issue, but I still cannot install the host software. Is this trying to connect through some weird port number? Any ideas why it's not installing? Thanks for any assistance.


  • As a followup, if I check the skinforge install box, it downloading a couple of files successfully ( and unzip.exe) before failing at "RepetierServerLatest.exe", 
  • Strange, I could download it from all our servers and also the installer could. Can not say why. But deselecting server option and installing the server installer manually does exactly the same. It is just a shortcut to use this combination easier.
  • Here's what I'm getting (also shows that the server software is installed...):

  • Yes, I see. The question is why does it work on other computers and not on yours. Your manual download is on the same server and that worked fine, so it is no firewall. Even less understandable is that downloading skeinforge works, which uses the same download module and server. Maybe one time I find the answer. For it's just important to know that it works the same like you did it now.
  • I think another question is: why isn't the stand alone package "stand alone"..... Why is it trying to access the internet in the first place?
  • These 2 packages are 130MB I think. Nearly no one uses skeinforge so this adds much download costs. The server has a different release cycle, so with this solution we deliver always the latest version even with old installers.
  • So there is no "stand alone" option available to download the entire package and install without drawing files from your server on the internet during installation?
  • Not if you want all extras. The main host is stand alone and works if you do not select the download packages. The server package downloaded is also standalone and can be downloaded separately and installed afterwards.
  • I meet the same problem. Is there any way to solve it?
  • Can't say why some have problems with internal download. Uncheck installing Repetier-Server which is what is getting downloaded. Then installation would work. If you want repetier-server download it separately from and install it.
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