Repetier Host Random Crashes

Hi All

Not really a power linux user, but I can get around.
I inherited a fairly nice laptop and want to use it to run my printer.
However Repetier Host keep crashing randomly.

I saw this post, and tried the 3.13.0-46 kernel and the 4.1.12 kernel.
The 4.1.12 kernel didn't fix anything and the 3.13.0-46 kernel causes both my wired and wireless network adapter to not work......
Seems this laptop is new than those kernel versions so the adapters aren't supported?? But im not 100% sure.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.



  • Forgot to mention, im running ubuntu
  • Try running our server. It is written in C++ so it is not affected by this incompatibility. Connect host with server if you like. Host might still crash but print should continue as the server does the printing. Or print directly completely with server.
  • I literally just signed in with the express purpose of.saying,
    1. I tried Linux mint and its much more snappy, and seems to work better, but I a.crash.
    2. Repetier.server rocks. Exactly what is needed.

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