Strange behaviour, extreme fast XY moves suddenly

Trying to locate where the problem is.

using Reptier host 1.60 and had been using slic3r for a while but started to use Cura. 
After some prints the speed gets extreme high without any changes in nither Repetier or the slicers (Slic3r and Cura), and  the steppers can't move att that speed.

When I clean reinstall Repiter 1.60 the problems goes a way. But if I use Cura again the problem starts after a few prints again.
A fast look at the G-Code and the code look right. 

Where to look for the problem ?
next step to find out where the problem is ?

// Agge


  • In host 1.6 you can search for terms. So search F to see speeds send to printer and check if it contains such high speeds (unit is mm/minute!). Host only sends gcode unchanged to firmware. If you have communication errors and use Marlin resp. ASCII protocol the commands might get send with errors causing different speeds, also checksum will prevent this is 99%. But your firmware should have a max. speed set so it should be impossible to get any speeds higher then your printer can handle.
  • Well that is the strange part. When checking the F parameters the max feedrate is 2400mm/min. 

    That is 40mm/sec and I have not maxed out my printer at 300mm (exept for the extrution).
    My max feedrate is at 300mm/sec at the moment but it can do at least 500mm/sec

    The printer runs perfect when I haven't donne anything in cura (did ten prints today around one hour each) but as soon as I configure Cura and do some prints it gets crazy. after 2 or 3 prints (I did reproduce  the problem several times)

    I woundering about the feedrate bar in manual control, Does it just multiply ?
    Becource that must be a G-Code on the fly modifikation when sending to the firmware
  • Yes, the feedrate bar sends M220 S<percent> to change feedrate multiplier.

    Normally it should not matter if you slice with cure or slic3r. CuraEngine creates sometimes more shorter segments that may influence the firmware.

    Speaking about firmware, which firmware are you using?

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