V 1.6.0 has strange habits !!!

Hello everybody who makes the Repetier software,

I just want to know why the software programmer of Repetier doing bad programming ?

At first I used the Version 0.84 which was working fine. (Just a few bugs in saving the settings and generating G-Code.)
After pressing the "Strat printing" button the printer went to the corner of the heat plate and took down on it and was waiting for themperature of the nossle. After the themp. was reached the extruder extruded a bit and then it moved to the inner of the heat plate and started printing.
Fine so far !!!

In ersion V1.6.0 the Nossle goes to the corner of the heat plate and waits there, then it takes down and waits, and then it moves up, waits and then it moves down again and moves to the inner of the plate to start Printing !  WTF !!!
After printing the firs 2 Layers the printer solwed down and printed a layer with 1mm wide filament ! WTF !!! I didn´t make that setting.
Why is this ????

Why did you change the behave of the printer, even printing it self is different to version 0.84 !! It´s not good this way !!!
Don´t you realize it ! Have you ever worked with the software you are making ???

It was printing verry well on behave of version 0.84 !!!
Why did you change that ? Tell me the reason ! I would like to know what´s going on in the heads of people like you, because i don´t understand such doings ! Does not make sense to me ! You are making new versions and they are worse then bevore !
Well done, maid !
Since Version 0.84 there was no new version that made me and my K8200 Printer happy !

If you want people to pay for software then it needs to be perfect ! But this software is far away from beeing perfect.
Please tell me, why is it not possible for you guys to make the new version better then the old one ??? What is your problem ?



  • You are quite unfair as what you describe is not caused by the host.

    These behavior comes from commands send to the printer. So check your start/end gcode or the gcode the slicers we bundle with create, which also have start/end gcodes. Maybe you did not adjust your settings to the newer slicer versions. All things are in the gcode you send!

  • Ok, Sorry for beeing unfair !
     I just try to understand the thing.

    But, it can´t be that I have to reed the G-Code to make sure all the settings are set as I want it.
    Also, there is always an error that appears.

    error: Line number is not last line number+1
    also :
    Comunication time out - reset send buffer block

    What does that mean ??? Isn´t it possible to make the error messages containing a little bit more information than this ?
    The printer works anyway !

    Next problem I do not understand :

    Always on layer 4 the printer slowes down to make a layer with very wide filament. It´s 0.5mm wide and it takes ages to make the layer and it´s infil. I didn´t do this setting and I don´t want it ! WTF ! How can I change this.
    I set the first layer on 0.25mm and the others on 0.15mm but layer 4 is made with 0.5mm ?????????

    And you want to tell me it´s not programmers fault ???
    Why do I not have this problems on version 0.84 ??? (there are other problems ! lol.)
    The software would be nice if there would no bug in it !
    At least this is how it looks like to me, sorry.

    What can I do about it ???? Please help !

  • What you describe is the effect of the sliced gcode. We did not write the slicer, that is maintained on slic3r.org from a different author. We bundle it only for convenience so you do not have to install different packages. In fact you can even install old slicer and use it with 1.6 if you define the path to it in the slicer manager and also set version correctly (because parameter have changed over time) So first check if there is in deed a jump in z at layer 4 (select layer in gcode and hit layer button to go to z jump).

    If so try creating a new slic3r setup from scratch. I never had this problem so I do not know what causes it. It is not a typical behavior but incompatibilites with several years old configs may do unexpected things. I know there was some issue with support that has changed since then.

    error: Line number is not last line number+1
    comes from firmware meaning it expected a different line number.
    Comunication time out - reset send buffer block  
    comes from host when it did not receive a "ok" after timeout seconds. This happens after communication errors or if a command takes longer then expected (we have a whitelist which commands should not generate a timeout but maybe the list is not complete).
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