Repetier-Host Backup/Restore Program Settings

I would like to request a feature to backup/restore program settings so as to copy them to multiple machines.  If this feature already exists I have not yet found it.


  • No it does not exists and some settings are not copyable since they involve directories that may be located at different positions. Except slicer profiles all settings are saved in registry and you could export/import it using regedit - key is HKCU/Software/repetierHost

  • I am another of the several that are moaning about the lack of a backup capability for Repiter Host. I was tempted to ask the same question a year ago, but I poked around enough to get the feeling that I knew the answer. 

    Without second-guessing the reasons for the approach chosen, for my use and maybe some others, it makes it more difficult than any other program I use in 3D printing to be able to save/duplicate, or restore a complex installation of Repetier Host.   I have a dedicated PC on my printer, and another desktop in a more comfortable area that I use for everything that leads up to actual printing. With other programs, it is an easy matter to place things like CAD files, Slicer profiles and model files in a cloud location so they are available everywhere.  I'd like to do the same with Repetier Host configuration data so I can have the same setup in two locations. 

    I'm beginning to see a need for several defined printer profiles to accommodate a mixing extruder, a 2 to 1 switching extruder, and a conventional single and dual extruder configuration. Maybe some can become multi-purpose, but it is still a pain to reproduce one or more from photos-only.  I took a look at the registry data, but I'm not likely to try to save or restore anything like that, and I sure can't make much sense out of what I saw.

    I know there isn't much gain for the average user to justify a change, but I can hope that maybe if there is ever a lull in the process, a change will be considered.  I recently took a look at the two Cura programs.  While there is some interesting capability in the slicer and plug-ins, I was disappointed at the lack of control that I take for granted in Repetier Host.  I believe I did manage to hook a later version of Cura Engine into RH, but otherwise, I have probably seen enough of Cura. Viva-La-Repetier-Host!
  • Using registry as store for settings was in deed not the best decition, but changing it now would also be a pain:-(

    BTW: We are working on adding new CuraEngine to host and it seems like it should work so far. So stay tuned.
  • An updated Cura Slicer would be a great addition to Repetier Host. I default to Slic3r because I am familiar with it and the interface seems more logical to me, but Cura has saved the day more than once when Slic3r made some strange choices when slicing.
    I particularly liked the tweak plugins that Cura offered when I recently looked at both versions.  I hope they make the cut for the update. 

  • Plugins are not inside CuraEngine so not compatible:-(
  • Backing up and restoring registry entries is basically a piece of cake using regedit or another registry editor - HOWEVER, in the case of Repetier, the entries for the scripts do not restore properly. The problem is the line feed after each entry in a script. I think it is exported correctly, but when the Regedit tries to restore it, it doesn't know how to handle the LF and messes it up. I have no idea how they were written in the first place. I have tried another editor and it does the same thing.
    Maybe a simple extract of the function that wrote them would help.

  • Maybe I should say that I think I did this successfully under W7 but with W10 it doesn't work.
  • Yes, the newlines are not working with normal import correctly. Maybe the first answer here would help:

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