Whats new in 0.70?

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Your changelog appears to be a little bit outdated. So I'm wondering whats new since 0.65 and if it is worth updating.


  • Here from changelog

    Version 0.70.1
    * Added virtual printer.
    * Fix communication problem with Marlin introduced in 0.70.0.
    * Fix thread management for external commands.

    Version 0.70.0
    * Timelapse videos.
    * Webcam proxy.
    * Improved GUI.
    * Better communication error detection.
    * Local cloud support for rendering.
    * Local cloud support for timelapse conversion.
    * EEPROM import/export compatible with Repetier-Host.
    * Syntax highlighting for gcode inputs.
    * @size and @nosize server commands.
    * @extruderColor extrId #hexColor to override color settings.
    * Compatible with Windows XP.
    * Smaller fixes and improvements.

    And yes it is worth updating I think.
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