Shutdown button for Raspberry Pi

It would be nice to get buttons to shutdown or reboot the Raspberry Pi. So you do not have to use the SSH or a GUI.

Thank you


  • Read manual -> advanced setup on how to do this.
  • Hi,

    The shutdown and reboot bottons dont work on my Udoo.
    If I enter the comand "sudo -s" in a terminal I get a error.

    "ubuntu@udoobuntu: / $  sudo -s
    sudo: /etc/sudoers.d/repetierserver-RepetierInstaller is mode 0644, should be 0440
    sudo: /etc/sudoers.d/repetierserver-shutdown is mode 0644, should be 0440
    root@udoobuntu: / $ "

    Ich weiß  nicht mehr  weiter. 

  • Looks liek your udoo does not like someone can write the files.
    chmod 440 /etc/sudoers.d/repetierserver-RepetierInstaller
    chmod 440 /etc/sudoers.d/repetierserver-shutdown

    then the WARNINGS should be gone.
    But you didn't describe where the problem is. Does the command not appear (server restart is required) or does the command not execute correctly.

  • Thanks for the fast replay.

    The command's not appear. If I press the Button and answer the safty question wrh "yes" nothing happens.
  • After the two commands all is working. Thanks
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