[0.70.1] Webcam capturing bug

No shoots have been captured even.
input.txt file is empty. No images in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/Kossel800/timelapse/[print name] folder.
Log shows: 2000-01-07 16:55:33: Added timelapse [print name]
What method of screen capturing was used ? Maybe some log can provide answer of problem ?


  • That message is logged when timelapse is starting.

    Now there might be 2 reasons for not adding images:
    1. Condition is not met. What condition for taking images did you use? It it is timedependent, your computer time seems 15 years off. If that gets corrected you might get problems. In any case you should fix that. Use e.g. xntp to setup time at bootup.

    2. Your webcam does not send static images as expected. Check webcam view with static images instead of mjpg video.
  • Ok,
    Have setted time, date, time zone and NTP.
    Recording interval is 1s and Record Always is enabled. Recording image is displayed in live webcam preview.
    Mjpeg-streamer is used for video source so jpeg source is available via http://3dprinter.paxy.in.rs:8080/?action=snapshot (available online).
    I have succsesufuly downloaded file at server via wget and above URL.
    Can you please send me example of command that server send to system so I can check what is outpu if it is manualy started ?
    Maybe you can log this command like others in log file ?
  • Downloading and saving is done internally, so no command. But it's the same way it reads the image webcam preview. There is one more thing - it checks disk usage and if you have not enough it will also not capture. The other thing is 1s is very short. This would be 3600 images per hour a 30kb = 108MB/hour. That will fill quite fast your disk. My favourite is every layer or every x mm. That gives nice 30-60 second clips. Maybe that works better if timing handling is somehow corrupt internally.

    For next release I have added outputting a error if one occurs for some reason. But you are right, I should log more errors if it goes wrong so we better know what goes wrong. During testing everything went as expected so I didn't add too much logs.
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