Dual Extruder With Single Material

I have a dual-extruder i3, with Marlin Firmware.

For now, I want to keep PLA in extruder 1, and ABS in extruder 2.

Today, I want to print out an object entirely in ABS from extruder 2, using Slic3r and of course Repetier Host.
How do I do this?

(Thanks for reading this far.)


  • I have set up the extruders in printersettings/extruder tab.

    I set everything I could to extruder 2 in slic3r.
  • Maybe slic3r does not add extruder selection when only one extruder is used. I know it does it this way for extruder 1. In that case simply select extruder 2 in manual control before starting the print.
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