Usage of spaces in G-code and compatibility with NIST and CNC milling

I currently try to setup a toolchain for CNC milling using RepetierHost and RepetierFirmware.
I start generating so called "Gerber" files, then transform them to G-code using the program "FlatCAM".
Now I get lines like:
G0 X47.11Y0.815
i.e. w/o a space in between the coordinates. RepetierHost does not like it. RepetierFirmware not tried so far.

The NIST Standard RS274NGC states:

"...Spaces and tabs are allowed anywhere on a line of code and do not change the meaning of the
line, except inside comments. This makes some strange-looking input legal. The line “g0x +0. 12
34y 7” is equivalent to “g0 x+0.1234 y7”, for example. ..."

The G-code page in RepRap Wiki states:

"Codes for print head movements follow the NIST RS274NGC G-code standard, so RepRap firmwares are quite usable for CNC milling and similar applications, too."

I could try to write my own post-processor, but maybe I am not the only one (or overlooked some magic flag).
So I ask myself:
  • Would it make sense to make G-code parsing more "robust" in RepetierHost?
  • Does RepetierFirmware behave similar?
  • Did I overlook something?
Best regards,


  • Spaces are in deed needed, you did not overlook something. Also + is not allowed. This made parsing faster and more reliable and the gcode more readable.
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