crashes during printing 1.6.0

I have repetier host 1.6.0 on windows 7 (64) with ati graphic card R9 270X
I have printed two small object on prusa i3 pro C
but when I print larger object it prints about 20% than repetier host stops to work it crashes.
I tried 3 times and it crashes every time.


  • What is the crash message?

    You can select in printer settings->connection a virtual printer just for testing. So it does not use your printer. Or if you have repetier-firmware you could also send
    M111 S24
    to fake printing and only test the host. So you do not wast filament on testing the problem.
  • In Virtual printer it prints ok with no problems.
    But when I print on real printer, repetier goes white with no message else just repetier crashed.
  • You should check in windows event manager if you get no message.

    For some printers the serial->usb connection hangs that causes the host to stall and eventually to crashes. Then normally a restart does not work. You need to unplug/unpower printer to get it working again. This comes from unstable electronics resp. communication if that is your problem. Thenyou could test with M111 S24 first. Often this only happens if stepper/heater are in use causing the noise/voltage drops that cause this. In repetiers firmware communication test mode none of them uses power so they can not disturb.
  • I also tried that, power off printer and unplug it from USB, it was the same.
    I tried today to print some object from Interent and it prints ok, with no problem.
    So it must be something wrong with software I maded my 3D object and exporting iz to .stj
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